Cruise holidays in the Arabic region and the Red Sea

22 Jul Cruise holidays in the Arabic region and the Red Sea

Cruceros - TravelgenioWhen thinking of big cruises, we often relate the Caribbean Sea or the Mediterranean Sea with it. But there are clearly more travel opportunities and cruise routes for all those looking for something special. Today, we would particularly like to present you the Arabic region, the Red Sea and even Asia; in addition, we will show you some routes which will definitely interest you. The Red Sea is a narrow, over 2,000 km long subsea of the Indian Ocean between NorthEast Africa and the Arabic peninsula.

Here are countless tours which can bring us in several different countries such as Aden, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Greece, Istanbul, Dubai and many more. However, on such a trip, tourists should better get to know the Far Eastern culture. You can profit from that through different landing places. Why not diving into a traditional market where you will shortly feel like being in a completely different word, and to discover foreign and innovative impressions. Here you can bargain with the shop owner what is almost an obligation. You will snub traders when accepting the price of the item. Dive into the traditional catering and pamper your palate with something oriental when not being on the ship.

Here we will present you some trips which you could visit in this region.

Route: Barcelona-Dubai. Travel time August-September Duration: 24 days. On board of the Insignia we will travel to the harbour of Barcelona. From here we will travel through Florence, Rome, Amalfi, Taormina, Vallette, Rhodos, Limassol, Jerusalem up to the Red Sea where we will finally reach Aqaba in Jordan. From here on we are now approaching the Gulf of Aden and Salalah in Oman. After a short stay we will continue our trip towards Muscat. The last two stages of this route are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Especially in the Arabian cities, we have the opportunity to get to know more about the culture and facts of this region.

Route: Istanbul-Dubai Travel time October. Duration 21 days. In Istanbul we will board the Nautica ship. The luxurious cruise ship of the regatta class has its completely own charm. The Nautica, kept in neoclassical style, has the best possible comfort you can image when choosing a cruise. Our trip will pass Mitilini in Greece over to Ephesus in Jerusalem and then to Luxor. From there we are continuing to Aqaba, Salalah and Muscat; at the end we will reach Dubai. Here you can also find an exciting mixture of Oxident and Orient as well as the cultures and the history. Onshore you will be able to get to know the history of the respective city in a short time, and also the connections between these countries and cities over thousand of years.