Croatia: 5 places to fall in love with

02 Dec Croatia: 5 places to fall in love with

croacia-travelgenioThe Dalmatian Coast country has been an emerging destination during last years because, of course, of the many cruises that arrive in Dubrovnik or Split. After the first visits, you should know that it is a cheap and cultural place to enjoy. From here, many things to know: low cost flights, the Game of Thrones scenaries…

4 destinations in Croatia

1.    Plitvice Lakes National Park: this National Park is famous if you want to enjoy the Croatian nature. Falls, calm and crystal waters, relaxing and beautiful sightseeings, everything here is perfect if you want to be in contact with nature and with the lung of Croatia.

2.    Korcula y Brac: these are maybe the best secrets of the country and that is why you should take them into account. The main attraction is the turquoise waters and beach, between mountains and little villages that talk about the real Croatia.

3.    The Three touristy cities: if you want to discover something different from all you already know, Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb are waiting for you. All of them have different reasons to be chosen as you will be able to find the World Heritage city centres or the unique beaches of Split.

4.    Pula amphitheatre: it is a privilege located amphitheatre and one of the best conserved one in the world. It was built with more than 70 archs and more than 60 lintel ones. It is considered World Heritage and it will leave you impressed.

We can assure you there are many other places you should visit in Croatia but, if you have just a few days or you have to choose, our selection could cover, at least, some of the must sees in the country.

But, in case you have time enough, take a look to the Krka National Park, Hvar, Trogir, Rijeka or Rovinj. Also the beautiful Brela should be noted…