Biarritz, the French Basque pearl

25 Apr Biarritz, the French Basque pearl

biarritz-travelgenioThe French Basque territory of Labort wouldn’t be the same without Biarritz. Together with Bayona and Anglet, this is the most important urban area. Maybe one of the most known buildings here is the Casino, build in the earliest years of the 20th century. Moreover, the beaches are some of the most interesting tourist areas and, because of the bravery of the waves, the perfect place to practise surf. But these are only some of the wonders of this place. We are going to tell you everything about it to get in love with this locality.

4 interesting places you should visit in Biarritz

1, Chocolate museum: this museum could be one of the tastiest ones in all the French-Basque area and it is located in the heart of this city.

2. Bellevue Casino and the Barriere Casino: you will be able to watch them from the port and maybe they are some of the most popular buildings in the whole city. You should try your luck if you want.

3. Chapelle Imperiale: this construction is everything you will need to fall in love with Biarritz. Of course, it is part of the visits you should plan once you decide your trip to this border area.

4. The Russian Orthodox Church: built in the 19th century, it was created by a noble colony of Russian. Nowadays still surprises people because of the blue dome, typical of the age.

The beauty of the Biarritz Port

This seaside resort owns one of the most beautiful ports in France. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy it during the sunset, you will be able to see the Bellevue Casino and some of the most stunning sights you can image. Every year it is celebrated there the International Surf Festival.

This city was also popular during its past because of the whalers but, if you have a walk today, the beach and the lighthouse will be maybe the most interesting and enjoyable things.

This city has its origins in the Basque Country but, as it is nowadays a border place, it owns the mix of the French and Basque tradition. That is why there are many interesting plans to discover here. There are many travellers that start their expedition to France or the Basque Country in this locality and we can assure you that this is part of the charm of this place. To arrive here, you can decide to fly to its Airport, located just 3 kilometres far from the city.