Australia: Where nature and wild animals are the main attraction

01 Mar Australia: Where nature and wild animals are the main attraction

viajes - upitravelWith its almost 8 million square kilometres, Australia is one of the biggest states in the world. The incredible widths of the outback although are largely uninhabited by people.

However, we will find a rich population of animals that prefer to inhabit this extensive regions. The biodiversity in Australia is unique and we will here find many unique animal species. The animals in Australia have a completely special biodiversity. In the course of the evolution, species were able to emerge, which cannot be seen in the rest of the world.

Positive aspects for the unique flora and fauna of the country is the long geographical isolation, the geological stability of the fifth continent as well as an unusual wake of climate changes. Some beings have almost remained unchanged for several million years in regard to their evolution, as they have found their perfect ecological niche that has not suffered from changes.

Of course, this is something very special for every nature lover and animal lover. Because here you have the opportunity to see wild animals in a unique environment from near distance. Especially for young travellers aged 18 to 35, Australia is a popular travel destination. The main reason for this is the so-called Working-Holiday-Visa here.

Young travellers from completely different countries have the possibility of staying in Australia up until one year and therefore, through the job, be able to additionally finance their stay. Apart from that, the potential of experience is of course significantly more interesting as the financial aspect. Often, young travellers decide to work in one of the natural reserves to receive a better impression of the biodiversity.

But also travellers from other age groups will completely enjoy Australia, as there are not only offers for backpackers but also for customers with the respective travel budget. Unusual boutique hotels and luxury resorts of the special kind can be found in the hidden outback area in no man’s land and offer customers, with the respective small change, a completely individual and unusual way of keeping in touch with nature. Of course, there are also special safaris to particularly interesting regions and natural reserves that can show you the most interesting places and regions on tours.

The offers here are as numerous and extensive as the country itself. Every visitor will find his personal niche here in Australia, whether the adventurous backpacker or the demanding senior with the need for something special. A month in which you have perfect travelling conditions in whole Australia is not existing. As the country extends from the latitudes of the tropics up to the moderate climatic regions, there will always be optimal conditions somewhere, and elsewhere you will have to make compromises.