All you can enjoy feeling Germany

22 Mar All you can enjoy feeling Germany

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioAttracting droves of tourists every year, Europe promises the ancient, the diverse, and the completely fascinating. Most travelers scurry past the major sites and cram in as much as possible in order to get through a list of ‘must sees.’

Unfortunately, much is overlooked due to lack of time and money while the infinite unique treasures sometimes hidden for the resourceful traveler remain undiscovered and unappreciated. Not that visits to the key attractions should be dissuaded! On the contrary, I’m simply inviting the European travelers to dig a little deeper into their destination country and find the gems that will make them smile as they recall them even decades later.

Remember and celebrate the taste of a fresh German pretzel, the sweet smell of the air in a Tuscan vineyard, or the baby soft petals in a colorful field of Dutch tulips. Savor an entire spectrum of sensory bliss as you skip from one country to the next, searching for that tiny unique detail that you will fondly relish for the rest of your life.

When pondering European crystal, the Czech Republic or Austria normally comes to mind. Germany, however, holds its own when it comes to the crystal and glass market. Its sleepy town of Bodenmais, near the German/Czech border, snuggles in among the surrounding Bavarian Forest and promises more than just delightfully sparkling treasures.