All about the London Parliament

13 Jun All about the London Parliament

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge in the Evening, London, United KiLondon city is a titanic metropolis where many different cultures are able to life together. In the Britannic urban nucleus there are many jewels we can find. Just to name some examples, the London Eye, the British Museum and many other marvels like the Kew Botanical Garden. Moreover, you can also enjoy the many Cosmo suburbs such as the Picadilly one. Would you like to know much more about this city? Let’s talk about the London Parliament or the Westminster Palace

Helpful information to arrive to the London Parliament

Prices you will find to access to the Parliament depend on the type of traveller you are:

– Adults can enjoy it for 22.55€.
– Kids should pay, depending on their age, from 0€ to 14€.
– There are some discounts for younger and students that can find their tickets from 19.42€.

This historical building is located in Westminster, in the Thames shores. Many people will be able to recognise this spot because of the many times it has been part or the photos and scenes of famous films. For example, in the V of Vendetta, based on the graphic novel of Allan Moore, the Parliament exploded.

Some history about the Westminster Palace

About 1000 years ago, before 1045 and 1050 – the years when the Westminster Abbey was built – this strategically place was popular because of the space it occupied in the metropolis. Called Thorney Island, this place was the selected one by Edward the Confessor, the last Saxon king, to build his Palace. Although the most incredible part of the history of this Palace was the creation of the Westminster Saloon about 900 years ago. The first Parliamentary sessions were celebrated here in 1295 and, since then, all the sessions took place here until the House of Lords and Commons was established.

Some curiosities of the Parliament

This building has more than a thousand year’s age, being one of the most traditional ones in London. You can visit the Committee and also assist to some of the debates. It is also the entrance to visit the Big Ben. It has been declared World Heritage and that is why this environment is protected.

As told, the Big Ben is one of the main attractions, but you have to take into account that this Westminster Palace was the place where born the English democracy.