Albi: a medieval destination in France

13 Aug Albi: a medieval destination in France

Viajar en Tren - TravelgenioLocated in the Midi region in the Mediterranean area in France, Albi is a European city with many cultural and historical heritage, gastronomy and many offers of traditions and leisure. It is the perfect international getaway.
Historically it has been known as one of the centers of the West Cross but it is also known as the birthplace of the painter Tolousse Lautrec.

Albi touristic attractions
The near Catalonia makes this location a perfect option for some days vacation or a weekend getaway to get by car.

The amability of the people and the hospitality of this pink village is well known in France, where people can find many cultural and leisure activities to enjoy.

There are some must visit places that were declared World Heritage in 2010 because of the architectural value, but also for the historical value, as this place was the center of the crusade against the Cathars. St. Leticia cathedral and the Berbie Palace (actually the Lautrec Museum), are the main buildings of the city.

Surrounding the cathedral you will find the Casteviel, Castenau, Combes and St. Salvi Burg, the perfect example of the Middle Age city with many civil buildings and palaces that will surprise tourists.

The Albi Pass helps visitors the option to enter to the main monuments for just 9 euros.

How to get to Albi and accomodation

To get to Albi from any catalonian cities is easy by bus or car. There is also the possibility to use the normal offers of the TGV that gets from Figueres and passes through Toulouse, from where you can get easily to Albi.

You can also find low cost flights from many cities to Toulouse.

The accomodation offer isĀ  huge, with many hotels like the Cantepeu or charming places for couples like the Mercure Albi Bastides, that has wonderful views of the Tarn river and located in an antique palace.