A travel to Buenos Aires, following the Julio Cortázar footsteps

15 Oct A travel to Buenos Aires, following the Julio Cortázar footsteps

TravelHe is one of the best prose writers of the twentieth century, more than that, he is one of the most innovative and succesful literarure authors. Julio Cortázar left a huge void in the literature when he died, but he did left us a very romantic image of his native Buenos Aires.

Although for many years he lived in Paris, where he wrote his most famous work, Rayuela, Buenos Aires had always a space in his heart and in his works.

We now relive some of that sights, a very interesting way of introducing the city if you are traveling to the Buenos Aires.

Six places Cortazar fell in love with

The Agronomía neighborhood and Julio’s house

The Cortazar house has direct views to the Agronomia neighborhood, a dense neighborhood in the periphery of the city with sidewalks and forest. From this neighborhood he got inspired for some of the most common quotes he wrote in Rayuela. Nowadays, the environment has not changed, it seems that everything keep the same image as years ago.

Luna Park

Here you can enjoy concerts and events during your stay in Buenos Aires while you put yourself in the Cortázar shoes. He was in Love with these galleries.

The Mariano Acosta school

This traditional school in Buenos Aires was where Cortazar learnt his abc. It is considered a National Historical Monument so it is a must visit once in the city.

Buenos Aires Jazz bars

From the Thelonius Club to the Virasoro Bar you will love to be able to discover all their services. This is the best way to remember the great Cortázar and all his works although you are not an angry reader of his books. He, like any other Buenos Aires man, knew how to taste the quality of the jazz artists of the place.

Pasaje Guemes Cortázar fetish gallery

Located between Florida and San Martin streets, it is an excellent choice for those who want to know the real Buenos Aires. It is a highly recommended passage to revive Cortázar’s life.

The Julio Cortázar Square, a perfect place to stay

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In contrast, we count with the Panamericano Buenos Aires Hotel one of the most beautiful hotels you will discover in Buenos Aires and it can become a great way to enjoy the Buenos Aires art nouveau.