A mystical trip to Tel Aviv

02 Jun A mystical trip to Tel Aviv

The old port in Jaffa. Tel AvivIt is one of the few gay friendly cities in Middle East and also the Israel capital. With almost 400.000 inhabitants and located in the Yarkon River mouth, we can discover the Sacred Land just 60 kilometres far from this place, where Jerusalem is situated. Many travellers have arrived Tel Aviv in order to arrive to the mentioned places, but using the accommodation in the capital as the base of their trip. The truth is that it is a city with many opportunities for travellers.

The Bauhaus architecture

Maybe one of the main attractions of the city we are talking about is the fact that it is a Bauhaus style place as it is one of the best examples of this architectural style representation. This movement was imported during the 30`s by the European Jews that studied it in the Central Europe during their stay. Of course, we have to mention the White City, considered World Heritage by the Unesco and that owns its space in this article because of the great interest in terms of culture and architecture both for Tel Aviv and Israel.

The White City of Tel Aviv

This pretended to be a unique Bauhaus style work similar to the New Delhi one. But the truth is that, because of the desertic and Mediterranean climatology, the European Northern Bauhaus style was impossible to be reproduced here. That is how the White City of Tel Aviv found its own style with windows to avoid the summer heat, large and narrow balconies to help neighbours with the little wind. The plain roofs are also a place to make social events after the canicula.

How to arrive to Tel Aviv from Europe

The International Airport of Ben Gurion is the one that offers services for all the travellers that want to arrive to Tel Aviv. It is well connected with many European cities during summer, the main touristy season in this country.