A getaway in Spain: the enchanted forest in the País Vasco

04 Apr A getaway in Spain: the enchanted forest in the País Vasco

IMG_5853 (Copy)Also known as the Oma forest, this secret natural spot is one of the must if you should visit if you decide to plan a getaway to Euskadi. Omako Basoa, as it is written in basque, is an enchanted forest that the painter and sculptor Agustín Ibarrola designed from 1982 to 1985. His works are part of what was called the Land Art and it is a silent witness of the Urdaibai Natural Reserve.

Discovering the enchanted forest of Oma

Land Art is an artistically trend that includes art, with an ecological meaning, in the natural landscapes. The same way you are going to find this spot unique, there are many other examples like the natural Cesar Manrique designs in the Canary Islands. It is a claim to take into account nature all over the world.

Travelers will be able to enjoy, moreover, the Oma valley and the Cortezubi locality, where they will probably plan their stay. The natural environment of this Basque place is unique and, if you want to get lost from the asphalt, perfect.

The Santimamiñe cave, near the enchanted forest

This cave is about 365 meters long although nowadays it is closed. There is huge amplitude once you get to the 60 meters deep inside of it. Here you will be able to find many stalactites and stalagmites. The only problem is that it is a locality with many rock arts, the reason why it is closed and preserved as natural environment. Anyway, you will find many marvels around.

It is located really near the entrance and it is visitable. There are many find that dated from the Palaeolithic Era to the Roman Ages, so there you will be able to enjoy a big contrast in the arts. Travelers can also complete their visit with the Oma forest.

Ok, it is up to you. It is time to find the best places to plan your stay here and enjoy both the forest and the cave. All the natural environment of this Spanish area is unique and you will be able to enjoy not only beautiful landscapes but also the best gastronomy of the northern Spain.