A different holiday in Luxembourg

31 Mar A different holiday in Luxembourg

luxemburgo-travelgenioThis State-city in Central Europe has less than 500.000 inhabitants and one of the highest life levels in the Continent.

It shares frontiers with Germany, France and Belgium. That’s the reason why almost anyone there speaks four languages, including the Luxembourg one. Luxembourg City is its capital and there is located almost a fifth of all the country population. As happens in Andorra, it is a free tax country and that’s why it is considered a neutral territory.

A special visit to the Luxembourg capital

Once you arrive to Luxembourg, it is time to enjoy a past history full of fortresses and historical corners. Within the most famous fortresses, we have to talk about the Thüngen Fort, considered World Heritage since 1994. It also deserves a visit the St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Luxembourg Museum, the perfect attraction to understand more about its history and culture.

The Great Duch Palace is an interesting visit for any type of traveller.
This city is perfect if you want also to enjoy the North of France, the South of Germany or even the East of Belgium as you will find many connections from here to prepare some getaways.

Unique places to visit in Luxembourg

Les Thermes: the thermal waters of this area are magical. Or that is what they say. If you wan to try them, you must start planning your trip as you will enjoy many spas and water beauty treatments. Try the magic!

Bock Castle: the Bock Castle is one of those attractions you will enjoy. It is located in the northeast of the city and it is part of the fortress heritage. The history in this heritage place makes this fortress one of the most visited ones in Central Europe.

How to get to Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Airport is situated just 6 kilometres far from the capital, in Findel. You will find many connections from mostly all the European capitals.

Enjoy a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in this part of the Old Continent, spending a few days in a romantic atmosphere, visiting some of the most historical spots and trying all type of dishes with clear influences from the rest of nationalities gastronomies.