5 River Beaches in Spain

01 Jul 5 River Beaches in Spain

Pantano - TravelgenioSpain has many different and marvellous river beaches, perfect for holidays as every year there are more and more tourists that arrive to them to enjoy the different leisure activities offered. We are going to list you the 5 best river beaches of the Spanish country.

5 dreamless river beaches in Spain

Alloz Reservoir, Navarra: in the north of Spain, in Navarra, you will find some of the most mountainous corner of the country. It also has the luck of owning many rivers and reservoirs that make this land the perfect destination for thousand of tourist both national and international. This river beach is considered the sencond best in this Autonomical Community, and you can also practise activities like fishing, surfing sailing or even windsurf.

San Juan Reservoir, Madrid: you will find this reservoir in the Madrid province. It was firstly built to assure the people supplying but it is nowadays also used for spending a marvellous day and just taking a look to one of the best views of the north part of Madrid. You can also enjoy practising many sports like swimming, windsurf or water skiing. There are also in its surroundings many hotels and restaurants where you can rest and try the best gastronomy.

Sanabria Lake, Zamora: the Zamora mountains own one of the biggest glaciar lake of Spain. Part of this beautiful river beach is the fact that it also has sand. You can even dive into it. In summer tourists from all over the country come to enjoy this beautiful place located in the Natural Park of Sanabria.

Ruidera, Ciudad Real: La Mancha has been one of the communities of Spain have attracted more tourists in the past year, getting several awards by the Spanish government through the great contribution to the advent of tourism. One of the most popular spaces visited by tourist is the Natural Park of Ruidera, which is a marvellous river beach which has a great biological diversity, and many offer of water sports including swimming, and canoeing.

Iznajar Reservoir, Andalusia: Known as Valdearenas beach or Lake of Andalucia, is a magnificent place to go on vacation and enjoy water sports, including sailing, fishing stands, and in recent years of the most frequent activities is paragliding over this magnificent river beach, considered one of the most important in Spain .