5 reasons to discover Gran Canaria in summer

22 Jul 5 reasons to discover Gran Canaria in summer

Tropical beach, Similan Islands, Andaman Sea, ThailandGran Canaria is as huge as its beauty. Not only the magic of Las Palmas, but you will also find the main jewels in examples like the wall, the Triana or Vegueta suburb, the Falcón House or even the Home Museum of Colón. There is beauty also if you take a look to the Light Castle or the Holly Spirit Fortress. There are no words to describe all the things you can do here. Discover it.

Reasons to discover this island

1. English Beach: let’s start from the beginning. The social life in Gran Canaria is incredible. If you add the English Beach you have a complete and unique holiday. Together with the St. Agustín one is one of the most paradisiacal beaches of the island. It is near Maspalomas, one of the most popular areas of Gran Canaria.

2. Arguineguín: this locality has many interesting places for travellers. The Park and the Beach are the main places to visit. Take also a look and your time to enjoy the fisher’s port as you can imagine the real tradition.

3.Caldera de Bandama: Maybe this is one of the most magical places in this island. The volcanic boiler is a beautiful natural space that will leave you speachless. Origined more than 5000 years ago, you will find an incredible place to enjoy and stay.

4. Natural Monument of Roque Nublo: it is a must and the truth is that is less visited than it worth. Don’t forget it because you will miss one of the most incredible landscapes of this island.

5. The Snow Peak: it is the crown jewel. This mountain has almost 2000 metres high, the highest peak of all Gran Canaria. There are also many other monuments and landscapes such as the Riscos de Tirajana or the Nublo Rural Park near here. Visitors can discover some of the best services you can find here. One of the main activities is the hiking you can try in these spaces. It is a place where tourists arrive to see the best landscapes.