5 places in Portugal you should see if you travel to Algarve

27 Sep 5 places in Portugal you should see if you travel to Algarve

In the south of Portugal you will find the Algarve, a unique place with hundreds of coastal kilometres that will show you some stunning cliffs. Although you won’t be able to discover all of them in a few days, we would like to inspire you with some of the must places you need to see.

Algarve in 5 places

With a temperate temperature in winter and a warm one in summer, the south of Portugal is unique if you want a cheap place to enjoy

1.    Praia da Rocha: located in the south of the country is one of those places that is really popular for travellers. Located in Portimao, you will be able both to enjoy the city and also the beach. It is one of the most tourist ones in the area and during summer place where thousands of travellers arrive, so we recommend you to visit it during the early hours.

2.    St. Vicente Cape: it is maybe the most popular cape in the Algarve, as well as the lighthouse it keeps. It is the natural accident located in the most southeast space of Portugal and you will enjoy all the views and soul.

3.    Marina Praia: this locality from Lagoa hides this marvel that will remind you the Loiba cliffs and that will leave you speechles. It is considered one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe and it is also part of the Top 100 of the world. The cliffs during the summer months will make you feel unique.

4.    Tavira Island: it has more than 10 kilometres long and it is one of those places that are really interesting for travellers. You will be able to visit the four main beaches in the island: the naked man one, the narrow land and the Barril one among others.

5.    Coelha beach: it is another of the most beautiful beaches in this area, specially if we take a look to the landscape you will be able to appreciate from above the cliffs.