5 Monuments you should visit in Rome

29 Jun 5 Monuments you should visit in Rome

We all know that Rome is one of the most popular and visited cities in all Europe and we have no doubt on why. Thanks to the Roman legacy is one of the biggest archaeological sites of the world. Rome could be called an outdoor museum because you will be able to discover many art pieces just walking.  But there are some you cannot miss once you visit the Eternal City.

5 Monuments you need to visit once in Rome

1. Coliseum: this is the most popular and valuable amphitheatre you will be able to visit in the city. You can start your visit outdoor just taking a look to the details of the Roman architecture but, you need to go inside to discover more than 2000 years of history, with the stairs, sand, Emperor podium, etc. You will feel as a gladiator before the battle.

2. Vatican: from St. Peter’s Square to the Basílica, the Vatican City is a huge Artwork that you cannot miss. Although you are not a religious person, you need to see all the beauty of the classical buildings and the majesty of the basilica. You can also visit all the museums, with some of the most incredible and famous works from the main artists of all the ages.

3. Trevi Fountain: this Barrocan fountain is dated on the 18th century and it is other of the main places you need to discover in Rome. Most of us have heard about it because of the history behind it. Also known as the lover’s fountain, the tradition says that, if you throw a coin you will be able to know if you will return in couple or single.

4. Piazza Espagna: it is one of the most beautiful squares in Rome and if you arrive there you will see that is always full of tourists making photos. Classical buildings, sculptures and many shops and terraces where to have an expresso and taste a Tartufo.

5. Caracalla Terms: the last part of the route has to be perfect and, what better than taking a look to one of the Roman Terms of the Empire era. Here, the rich Romans came for a relaxing bath.