5 cities in Morocco to travel this fall

06 Oct 5 cities in Morocco to travel this fall

Marrakech - Turismo y destinos en TravelgenioThe popularity of Morocco as a touristic destination is, without doubt, unique. Is now, during the fall, when you can enjoy best the main destinations in this country. Morocco is a real marvel to be discovered with all the safety opportunities to discover all the territory.

The 5 main cities to arrive this fall

Essaouira: Well, we are going to start in the final one. Essaouira is a perfect place if you are looking for tradition, sun and beaches. It is one of the most touristical cities in this country and it counts with a wall and a medina that own a visit. Take a look carefully, because some of the scenes of Game of Thrones was shooted in this place.

Casablanca: this city has the only temple you can visit even if you are not a muslim. This is why it is one of the most popular attractions in this country. Other interesting places are the Hassan II Mosque or the ancient Cathedral. There are also some beaches you cannot miss such as La Corniche one.

Chefchaouen: the third stop in our way is Chefchaouen. This city is located in the Rif Mountains, really near Tetuan. One of the mail differences and attractions is the view of the whitewashed houses. There are also many interesting places to discover once you stay in this city: the medina, the Hamman Square, the Great Mosque, the Alcazaba, the laundries, the ancient Mosque, the Caravasar. All these places share spaces with the multiples cafes in the city.

Fez: this might be one of the most unforgettables cities in this country. Visitors must visit the beautiful medina, with an ancient entrance and door that seems to be the one to enter the 1001 nights tale. It is also interesting to spend some time discovering places like the Museum in the Batha Palace, the El Qaraouiyyin and Ech Chebliyyin Mosques, and the medieval medina.

Marrakech: is one of the interesting cities for those looking for urban spots. The same way, you must know this city was declared World Heritage. Take a walk to the newest part of the city, the Gueliz, one of the most cosmopolitan spaces of Marrakech. Anyway, there are many monuments you must visit.