5 cheap airlines For flying to Spain

22 Oct 5 cheap airlines For flying to Spain

Huelga Controladores - Derechos de los pasajeros - TravelgenioWe want to show you some of the most powerful Argentine Airlines that will be perfect for flying to Spain. We make sure to include both those with direct flights and the ones with scales but, in most cases, this won’t be neccesary.

Five budget airlines flying to Spain

1 Aerolíneas Argentinas: This airline proposes, depending on the seasons, some flights that do not exceed EUR 199 per voyage. You must take into account that the price of a ticket to South America, often doubles and even triples those rates. The best time to travel with Aerolineas Argentinas is during the fall – winter in this country corresponds with the summer in Europe. Mostly all Argentinian cities are accessible from the Buenos Aires Airport, so it will be interesting to consider making a scale if you’re traveling to other major cities.

2. LAN Argentina: An example of possibilities for domestic flights linking Buenos Aires with the rest of Argentina. With this airline, if you are thinking about getting the best opportunities to travel cheaper, you will find many offers between national cities. There are many options if you want to connect Buenos Aires with Córdoba.

3. BQB Airlines: If we’re traveling via Uruguay, it will be easy to find offers in this airline because they have flights from Montevideo to Jorge Newbery Airport, the main one of Argentina and the one found in the Buenos Aires capital. Talking about they can be very cheap if you are traveling from Spain to Montevideo with promotions (autumn).

4. LAN Airlines: It is the most famous airline for these routes, specially if you want to travel from Buenos Aires via Portugal or you are looking for a trip to this city. LAN proposes a way to combine the travels and flights to South America because, from cities like Mendoza there are direct flights to Santiago de Chile.

5. TAM Airlines: Do you want to fly cheap to Ushuaia? The northernmost region of South America is accessible thanks to TAM Airlines. It is possible with a flight from Sao Paulo. Needless to say that flights to Brazil can be found, too, from Portugal to Sao Paulo at very affordable prices by the same airline. A combination of Madrid or Barcelona – Lisbon/Oporto – Sao Paulo – Ushuaia/Buenos Aires can be good combinations and, above all, very cheap.