4 European destinations everyone is going to talk about during this spring

25 Apr 4 European destinations everyone is going to talk about during this spring

The European continent is always a good choice when planning a trip, especially if you want to discover some interesting places, with the culture as the main role, but also leisure and security. There are many travellers that want to fall in love with all the things these capitals can offer them.

Europe 2017: the trend destinations you should visit

1. Amsterdam; the Dutch capital is one of the most popular destinations during this year because of many reasons. First of all is obviously the beauty of what will show you. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the Old Continent. The second reason is because of the prices to arrive there. You can find many interesting rates thanks to the airlines from the main capitals. Considered the Northern Venice because of the water channels, there are also many attractions among the streets and suburbs.

2. Prague: the Central European countries are still a trend and we do understand why. The magic of the Vltava shores and adding maybe the possibility to discover Bratislava with the Danube and continue sailing to Vienna or Budapest is a must. There are four main suburbs in the Czech capital: Nove Mesto, Stare Mesto, Mala Mesto and Hradcany Mesto.

3. Lisbon: the Portuguese capital, the fado city and maybe one of the most interesting one if you are looking for night parties. With a 80’s soul, it is one of the most unique choices you can make. We can talk about the Barrio Alto or the Alfama one but, of course, we cannot miss the conquerors one, the Belem suburb. You will be able also to visit Sintra, just 20 minutes away from the city centre and where you will be able to see some of the most stunning palaces you can imagine.

4. Paris. What can we say about Paris? The marvellous ville is a place to enjoy with all the senses. Although maybe it is not the cheaper place to travel, it worth every single euro you will spend in the streets. There are some places less touristy and they are magical as you can imagine the real French life. There are many low cost flights from the main European and worldwide cities so take a look.