4 destinations to visit during 2017

24 Feb 4 destinations to visit during 2017

golden statues of Buddha in Wat Arun temple, Bangkok2017 will be a great year for travellers as there are a huge amount of destinations waiting for them. We know there are some trend destinations and, according to last year tourists, we want to talk about some of the cities that will welcome the most during this present year.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Thai capital during last year, you cannot miss it during this. Bangkok welcomes million of travellers each year looking for relax, nightlife and also gastronomy and cultural plans. Museums, Temples and many monuments are waiting for foreigners to discover the heritage of the Asian Southeast capital. Spas or even the busy streets are just some of the attractions you will find here.

2. New York, USA

Well, of course we cannot forget the eternal NY. From buildings, restaurants or shops, New York is always a good option, at least, once in your life.

If we count the number of tourists that arrive here each year, we would have to talk about millions. There are many museums for all type of art tastes but we need to mention the MET, with more than two million works. Don’t forget the views from the Empire or the Rockefeller, a walk through the Central Park paths or even a shopping trip through Broadway St.

3. Caracas, Venezuela

It is considered one of the main cultural, tourist and economical centres in Latin America so you should take it into account. The history heritage is all over the buildings, monuments and streets and you will be able to enjoy it just by walking through the squares. Take a walk through the Sabana Grande Boulevard, enter to the Fine Arts Museum and don’t forget to taste all the Venezuelan flavours.

4. Lima, Peru

A trip to this city is the best way to discover the real South American heritage and history. This city owns some of the most stunning buildings of this part of the world. The Beaches, the Ceviche or even the rainforest are just some of the main attractions.