4 cities to discover in Europe

16 Dec 4 cities to discover in Europe

TravelThis European cities are part of the less valued ones. Although all the beauty they hide, most of them had not had a good marketing promotion and that’s why almost no traveler take into account once they book their destinations.

Unknown destinations to discover in Europe


Do you know Krakow? Well, it is famous because it was the main acces to Auschwitz, but the truth is that, although this sad condition, it owns one of the most beautiful city centers in Polland. It also has the Rynek Glówny square, a historical place to enjoy. Moreover, there are other places like the Basilica of Santa Maria , the church of San Andrés , the Polish Aviation Museum , the Pilgrim’s Route or the Czartoryski Museum . Travelers can access through the Krakow airport .


The Sofia city, apart from being a low cost one, it is a city where you can find many religions living in peace. You just have to take a look to its temples. First of all, take a look to the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the symbol of the ortodoxian religion, world heritage and one of the most beautiful temples of the city, with the St. Sophia and St. George churches.
Then, just take a walk to the Banya Nevsky mosque to, finally, arrive the Sofia synagogue.
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Considered the most important Baltic destination with more than 2 million tourist every year, you will find here many interesting places to visit such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Raekoja Square, the Kadriorg Palace or the St. Mary Cathedral. Of course, take a walk inside its museums to understand all their culture. The Jägala waterfall and many other magical places like the Botanic Gardens. Thanks to Easyjet and Ryanair you can enjoy all what this city has waiting for your visit


The Serbian capital is a perfect place to discover. In this city we can visit many museums such as interesting as the Contemporary Art one. Meanwhile, you must visit the White Palace and the Bajrakli Mosque. Don’t forget to book the visits to the Railway Museum and the Great War Island.
Travelers will enjoy a lot by visiting the St. Sava Temple and the zoo.
The Kalemegdan Fortress is a must once you start discovering the city. It dates from the 3rd Century and it is the most unaccesible one from the rest of the Serbian cities.