3 unforgettable islands for everyone

22 Aug 3 unforgettable islands for everyone

We have usually heard that travelling to islands is not for all type of budgets, that they are expensive. But it is not true. There are some islands that you can take a look because they have popular prices. We are going to show you some examples that will help you choose these destinations. Just take notes.

Three unforgettable islands

Our proposals speak Portuguese, two of them are part of the Portuguese State and the third one, Cape Verde still owns this language and traditions.

1. Madeira: the capital, Funchal, is the main destination and the paradise capital of this archipelago. There are many connections from Portugal you can be able to find easily. The many interesting places you can find in these islands are really attractive. You can rent a car and enjoy visiting the Cathedral, the Funchal wineries, the Lavradores market, the St. Francisco Gardens, the Sacred Art Museum, St. Claire’s convent, or even CR7 Museum.

2. Azores: nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean thought to be place for enjoyment and to discover them with all the five senses. It is magic to have access to Macaronesia. The eco tourism is perfect here, it will help you travel with all the possibilities of the environment and you will discover and feel the unique place here, something unforgettable, beautiful, natural and fascinating. During 2012 they were awarded by the QualityCoast Award.

3. Cape Verde: this island is culture, but also sustainability. Thousands of travellers decide to arrive to these islands in the west coast of Africa. Maybe the main jewel is the dry jungle in Cape Verde. There are cheap flights from the Canary Islands, also available from many other destinations in Europe. That is why this is an emerging destination for Europeans. The natural paradises are a contrast with the Praia capital, a city with more than 100.000 inhabitants perfect to be the base place for your trip. You cannot miss a visit to the Plateau suburb, where the main monuments are located.